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Camp SX


What’s up everyone!

Today I present you with Camp SX. You’re one and only dedicated Supercross campground.

This track was originally going to be a throwaway, as I wanted to learn sx building and get scaling dialed in for my compound i’m currently working on. But, I was enjoying it too much and decided I would go all in on this and try to create something every mxb player can enjoy.

26 pits, & 22 gates

The layout is based off of 2009 Anaheim 3, there are a few section changes so it’s not an exact replica. I find the difficulty getting around the track is pretty easy, but to nail the big lines takes a little more finesse and patience. The template is made by MatRob from Mx Sim with some slight adjustments to the transitions, but I also have a few sections that were made with the Earthwurx SX template.

IMO track is easier to ride on a 450, but a few animals have informed me that a 250f has no problem handling these big lines.

Hope you enjoy! It’s not perfect, by any means. I could’ve put in more time but I’m pretty happy with where it sits.

None of this would be possible without;

Earthwurx – all the positive encouragement and help from these guys, it’s insane
Resolute Kraken – Track Builder Helper & tutorials
Jesse Mulock – TrackEd tutorial and testing feedback. He says if u can’t clear everything on a 250f then you’re just washed XD
Mouk Labs – Skydome texture and object, various Youtube tutorials, and for simply being a straight up G
ShadeyWadey – Flag model and tutorials (my flag texture is placed incorrectly, I just couldn’t be bothered to fix it. We’ll get it next time boys)
Slabz – Handicap capable restrooms for all your bowel moving needs
Higgo – Grass objects
Giopanda – Track assets
KewinFuela – Sponsor Billboard Signs
Calum22 – Linking a few various buildings
Scizy – Testing feedback and positive encouragement
Benny Visuals – Amazing track edit and thumbnail pics, as well as feedback on the track itself
Ryan Cardno – Warehouse

And a VERY special thanks to the following;

RedRider – Helped me figure some things out. Helped fix my tree issue, fixed my 90 corners, and gave me great feedback along the way. Also, 99% of the objects on this track were made by Red. (archway, gates, bales, finish banner, machines, tents, water, water truck, bleachers.) Please take a moment to check out the amazing camp tents he did specially for me. Red is one of the main reasons any of us track builders progress, hands down.

Kellz – Helped me retrieve my flag from outerspace

If I left anyone out (which I probably am) then please feel free to call me out and I will have it updated. Also, please let me know where I can improve! I’m always looking for constructive criticism as I only want to progress.

Mod Instructions

pkz file should read Practice SX.pkz if there are any underscores they will need to be removed. Mega link is the rideable version, and the mediafire link is server version


Total downloads: 2760

Made for Beta 18.
mediafire (SERVER VERSION)

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