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Center Road MX 2008


Howdy yall.

I’ve created a replica track here of my childhood MX track. This is Center Road MX as seen in 2008. A somewhat technical track with steep shallow berms and a good mix of jumps that need to be hit flat out and some that need to be checked up for. As well as a short SX-inspired rhythm section into a tight wooded area.

This is my first track for MX Bikes and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I hope yall enjoy it! I’ve seen the confusion on how to get pkz files in-game. Just drop the pkz into your track mods folder. No need to unpack it or anything. 🙂

Thanks to jimbogies, Ray Ferric, Raphael Escamilla, MaX3Dd, TFC, Ruubs, giopanda, fred_mx, and PDR for the assets used!

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Made for Beta 17.

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very good track little tight but still good 🙂


im a big fan of the track, the flow is great and the fact that this is your first track is impressive. the only thing i would personally change is the width of the track in the last straight, this is just my liking. keep it up, fun track

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Great job for first track. Something i’d critique is i wish some of the jumps required a little more commitment and that the track was about 25% wider for racing purposes. Really fun layout keep it up


Best 125 track, super fun good job bro

Resolute Kraken

Did you know that you included all of your FBX files in the pkz?


What is the name of the track in game? I’ve downloaded and replaced this file 3 times but cannot find the track in game. =\


the track isnt showing up in game, tried re downloading it but no success


phew, growing up in ohio we would head south a few times in the winter and always stop here. this brings back some memories. miss this place and thunder valley. definitely some good work for your first track, keep it up!