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Checkerz Sky Ranch – Compound


RK editor (Whew, what a great tool!) name was GreenValley so pkz and download carry that name.  It is ‘24 Checkerz Sky Ranch – (name of which of 4 tracks) in game.  It’ll be towards the top.

Welcome to the Checkerz Sky Ranch, my first ever MXB track. Figured it was fitting that my last MXS track would be my first for MXB.  SX tracks and AX plus freeride are 100% new.  National is 65% brand new too.

Track features 4 raceable tracks and some pretty cool designed freeride sections.  The national, two SX tracks, and an Arenacross.

It was designed by a begooner on a 450 OEM bike.  Pros will likely find it easy.  It’s pretty smooth, features some whip/scrub chances and a variety of terrain and elevation.


Checkerz Sky Ranch is a new compound for MX Bikes brought to you by Air Wheelies Only.  Known for producing the slowest riders at the races, The Ranch is “Where the slow go to get slower!”  It’s all fun and games, they leave that working hard crap to the million other facilities out there.  Daily trips to the moon available soon!  If not going fast and definitely getting last is your thing do not miss out on this terribly amazing  or amazingly terrible track release.

Thank you for helping make Checkz Sky Ranch possible.

TF for tutorials, RK too.  And any videos released showing how to make tracks. You guys are legends.

Earthwurx Community – Known for their talent and art, but most powerful because the network of knowledge.  The only reason I was able to complete this project.

baked Minotaurs/Red Rider/Giopanda/Ryan Cardno – Objects

Bclay/Para/Mulock – Endless guidance/fixes/encouragement

Thank you to Lynds for the video and hype and Mulock for screens.




Total downloads: 12494

Made for Beta 18.

Checkerz Sky Ranch Compound on Mediafire (called green valley)
Server Version
Checkerz Sky Ranch Server Version (called green valley)

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