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Chest Protection Standalone


I skimmed through the files and I realised that the “full” protection is
basically only the stock PiBoSo neckbrace + the chest protection in one.

By simply removing the “neckbrace” out of the gfx.cfg the game will only show the chest protection.

That way, here’s a standalone.

All paints are fully compatible between chest – neck – full, simply drop them into the paints folder and you’re good to go.

Ingame you’ll find it in “Protections” as “Chest”.

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686 - 2.7 MB

Mod Instructions

Short: Copy the "rider" folder from this archive into your "mods" folder.
Long: Go to your MX Bikes mods\rider\protections\ folder and copy the
"chest.pkz" and the "chest" folder into that folder.

Support insane!

Any support is greatly appreciated! ♥

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