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Clouds A-Kit Honda 450


This bike needs more paints so I made one of my own design. It is for the A-Kit Honda 450. I highly recommend contacting eyezaya for the PSD for this bike or the A-Kit Husky (FC), Triumph (TF), KTM (KTM), or Suzuki (RMZ), that’s where I got this. He makes excellent models and the PSD is easy to use and he is coming out with some more cool stuff soon so join his discord for updates and PSDs –

The handgaurds are part of the paint so no need to track down any model swaps

Public version included with no numbers and a different upper left faceplate logo

I have been painting this since it was initially released and I am happy the issues have been resolved peacefully, much love to everyone who came together to allow this to happen.

I hope you all enjoy

please ignore the wet concrete in this picture, im stuck


Eyezaya – PSD

Scrallex and Jesse the Average – Bike

im a hypocrite note: I do not normally lock my paints and I have foolishly said that I will never lock my paints but the rights to this PSD do not belong to me therefore I cannot leave these paints unlocked.


Total downloads: 252


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