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ClubMX Pro Track


Well here we go again, peeps. This is the ClubMX Pro Training Track. Its based off its real life counterpart. The only changes I’ve made is that I added berms. Other than that, its pretty faithful to the layout seen in May of 2022. Hope yall enjoy. Vote it up or down I guess depending on what you think. I would like to make the entire 7+ track training compound in the future buuuut don’t hold your breath. 😉

Thanks to Thanks to jimbogies, Ray Ferric, Raphael Escamilla, MaX3Dd, TFC, Ruubs, giopanda, fred_mx, and PDR for the assets used!

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Made for Beta 17.

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this track is so fun!

Could anyone help me out with building a track.? i have a local track i want to build/make/replicate. if someone will take the time to help me ill reward them.


bro this track is god tier




Wow very fun and well made track.


Helll yes! Finally this track was made in a moto game. I’ve been waiting forever! Good call with the ruts. They are damn near perfect for this track. I’ve ridden this track years ago and this replica does it well. You did a great job on the sand sections. Would love to see their sand track someday from you 🙂 Good job!


Attempting to download this track, looks dope. Google Drive link says “quota exceeded”


Track is a lot of fun to ride, really cool layout. it could definitely use some more pits/gates and maybe some different textures but great job man


Tracks layout is amazing. Only complaint is some of the textures blend and make it hard to see some lines. But overall super fun track!!


perfect combo with my 2022 yz125/250 club mx bikes? 😉 Anyways great track mate feels amazing


This has been about all Ive consistently ridden since release! track is a blast man!