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Cody J & Oneshot New KTM PSD +Cutout


A new organized KTM template for skinners by skinners.

Has a large amount of added functions and is simple and easy to use.


 Thank you Gio Panda for the KTM

Thank you Stonerider and GreenLenux for the original template

A huge amount of credit/thanks goes to OneShot. He helped a ton and is the main reason this was released so quickly with all its options.

-New Features-

Multiple Versions of our Cutout, here is the Stock one I made

I made airbox holes

OneShot added graphic protectors

Polisport - New Graphic Guards Protector - Motocross Press Releases - Vital MX

I added options for 6 ribbed seat, 3 ribbed seat, as well as Guts, Motoseat and the Selle Dalla Valle Italy seat logos with shading and norms.

Using them is explained in the Read Me

We have added simple things like fork logos, barpad logos, OneShot made a new fork texture and it look great.

And much much much more.

But you will have to download it to see all the other things


-If you use this-

If you use this PSD to make your skin, simply add

“Thanks to OneShot and Cody James for the Livery PSD”

To your post:)


I also made a fake UV map to make up for there not being one for the Shroud and front plate. I made it so you can see where the edge of the plastics are.


Ill add OneShots donation link when he gets it working. Please Consider donating:)


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New Link:)

Changelog 1

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where do i put this at


It is incredibly well made, you can be proud of you guys!


This looks incredible!!




Been wishing for this for a while! Thank you to everyone involved. Looks awesome.

Huracán Honcho

ngl this is prolly the most scrotal thing i’ve witnessed in a long time. some very much appreciated & quality work executed by some friggin’ legends. this is one of those hits where you can’t breathe for like 45 seconds after facing it. very potent stuff

Last edited 6 months ago by dosHaches

That’s an awfully visceral description. I love it.


I’m going to kiss you on the lips


could you add a link with mega please, mediafire says 2 hours but im on like 50mbs upload and like 15mbs download XD