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Codys “Kleannn Kit”


This is a kit that I originally made just for myself. At first it was nothing but a white and black yami with numbers. But I added some design and a custom stand as well as gear, gloves, helmet, and custom boots all to match.

There are 2 versions of matching alpinestar gear, 2 versions or matching alpinestar gloves, and 3 versions of boots. And 1 alpinestar helmet colorway, I may make more and update the post though.

(Goggles will be added in next update)

It looks pretty sweet and simple imo, as I kept the logo count very low. Hope you enjoy

Thanks to Frosty for the PSD and Insane for 3D Viewer.

Thanks to Stonerider for the Glove PSD and Giopanda for the boots.

Thanks to TFC for the matrix stand!

And thanks to myself for the Astars gear PSD hehe

And thanks to the guy who made the bills pipe

-Some Pics-


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green beans or baked beans? I like baked donate to me or dont im not that good at skins


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Huracán Honcho



Very awesome! I would like to see a blue accent set to go with it. 🙂


Sexy my guy. I love the Klean themes. Cant wait to see what else you release.