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Cremm Racing Honda


What’s up, dudes?

This is the first release for the Cremm Racing Liveries Pack (WIP). If you’re wondering why Honda came first, it’s because I use Honda most of the time. I’m actually really excited in sharing this with you, because this has been worked on for quite a while, always making small adjustments and stuff.

I have both MX1 and MX2 versions, as well as a Toro Extreme gear set (jersey and pants), that look just like my IRL gear (see my profile picture lol).

Here’s some more pics:

Works with: 2022 CRF 450, 2022 CRF 250.

Please leave some feedback on the comments, and if there’s any problem please let me know ASAP!

If anyone has a special request for livery or gear, or want a bike with the same design and personalised logos, just contact me on Discord: MTBSP14 #4556.

Also, fell free to follow me on Instagram: @theflaviomx

Thanks to:

  • GREENLENUX for the “How to make bikes skins” video on Youtube;
  • LC Créations for the CRF 2021 Template (Posted by INSANE);
  • PIBOSO for the software;
  • Various Creators for the gear (jersey & pants are my own creations).
  • Track: Glen Helen 2015CBMXON Beto Carrero

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