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Dade City Snow Day


I talked to the people that control the weather and gave them permission to make it snow in Florida. I added some jumps and changed the material to soft soil. The off track snow is sand material so it will sound more like snow. I’m sorry if this is too similar to my other version, I wanted to make it searchable by “snow”. It uses the Extended layout but the smaller track is still there.

Update: Reduced late pop-in for rut norms/textures, better skyboxes, added separate download for track creation files

I hope you all enjoy.


Gandolf420Kush – testing

RedRider + TypicalCanadian + Bishop + Gandolf + the whole tracks channel of the Discord in general – Help and Advice

Resolute Kraken – track builder and tutorial

Baked Minotaur – rut normal tutorial

Red Rider – Water

Cody + Kellz – Trees


Total downloads: 2643

Made for Beta 18.

Mega - Track
Mega - Server
Track Creation Files

Changelog 1

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