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Decker Training Facility


What’s up everyone!

Today I bring u Decker Training Facility in Fountain Florida. This is a LiDAR scanned replica track, with an upscale of about 35% to allow more enjoyment in the game. I only built the main track here, there are 2 more tracks at this facility but rain hit and didnt have enough time to prep those tracks.

This track is meant to be rough and choppy, so holding it wide open everywhere may not be the move. It will require a bit of finesse, and thought as u pick your way through the breaking bumps.

I hope u guys enjoy! I kind of neglected the offtrack more than i would have liked, but all in all im pretty happy with how the track came out.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped:

Red Rider – Dozers, Earthwurx banner, water, help
Cody James & Kellz – Trees
Ryan Cardno – Warehouse building & Garage building
Giopanda – track asset pack

Steezy Mx – blender normals help
Scizy, Kelso, Smoksta, Benny, ClipClap, RattlecanJoe – Testing & feedback
If i forgot anybody please let me know! I appreciate everyone that takes the time to give me advice/encouragement.
If u have any constructive critisism please feel free to let me know! i am still learning and strive to be better!

Mod Instructions

download file and drop pkz into mods/track folder


Total downloads: 23653

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Server Version
mediafire (Server Version)

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