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Dirt Action Amcross round 1


Here is round 1 of dirt action amcross presented by race ready designs if you would be interested in racing and more info and what not join the discord down the bottom

thankyou to everyone who helped out with the track creation and objects for it!!

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Made for Beta 17.

This mod is password protected!
Password (click to copy): sdedjhfadgdksdf

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nice supermoto track bro


hey man thanks for getting into track making for MX Bikes, but please add track preview to either the thumbnail itself or into the post, so people see what they’re about to download. Thanks!

Ryan Tardiani

Good flat track just timing gates arent working at all.


I’m pretty sure Vandy made this track bro.


Vandy From VTM Made this track im pretty sure. If so give him some credit on it

“OTTO” Otto_Rocket

this track is actual doodoo


To everyone who left bad reviews, every bit of objects were supposed to be done by liamrbgw but he skipped out on me like a weener, I cant do objects on my pc, so thats exactly why the track didn’t turn out well. Round two will be 100% better as I have a dedicated object placer now so stay tuned !