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Enduro Bike Pack v0.15.3 – Ready for longer races!


Update 03/16/2021 – Enduro Bike Pack v0.15.3 downloadinstallation

fix: the old Enduro bikes (GasGas, Husaberg, ect.) had higher fuel consumption than the KTMs. This has been reduced.
Experimental! Please try some bikes and let me know.

Update 01/18/2021 – Enduro Bike Pack v0.15.2 downloadinstallation

fix: the KTM EXCs now have 12L, same fuel consumption as the other bikes.

Update 01/06/2021 – Enduro Bike Pack v0.15.1 downloadinstallation

Pictures say more than words, and also moving pictures say more than still ones.

thanks @GreenLenux for this awesome video!

The v0.15.1 update contains all previous bikes with fixed data (4 strokes died permanently), fixed categories and the fleet also got bigger.

Thanks to @giopanda we got a complete 2021 KTM EXC lineup!

This adds 7 bikes to the pack. Also @GreenLenux prepared couple paints for the KTMs to get more diversity into play!



I proudly present to you the first version of the Enduro Bike Pack!


Ever wanted to head out with your friends and roll through the forests somewhere in nowhere? Jump on one of those machines and let the fun begin!

This pack contains the already known Husaberg and GASGAS Enduros, making old downloads obsolete. This update was long due and the Enduros finally got the treatment they deserved. After figuring out some mechanics, I was able to retrieve data of the newest OEMs, so that way the bikes are physics and geometry wise always top notch, big thanks to @Asdrael for all your hard work on those bikes!

The Data on all bikes are taken from OEM Manuals and adapted to work well in MX Bikes. The bikes share the same engines depending on their ccm. The reference engine is from the OEM Husky. Gear Ratio is from the Husaberg manual, so the bikes are competetive against each other.

The 300cc engine was my first engine ever done. So please bare with me!

Together with some helping hands and the GFX skills of @GreenLenux* it was possible to make some more variations available, including a new Bike – the 2014 Husqvarna!

With the first release of the Enduro Bike Pack this version contains

2014 Husaberg
Enduro 1: TC125, FE250
Enduro 2: TC250, TC300, FE350, FE450

2014 Husqvarna*
Enduro 1: TC125, FE250
Enduro 2: TC250, TC300, FE350, FE450

Enduro 1: EC125, EC250F
Enduro 2: EC250, EC300, EC300F, EC450F
+ Sherco and 2016 GASGAS Livery*


Shoutout to the testers who gave me feedback during the whole process, you were great help and it was fun with you!

Also thanks to GreenLenux for his fast work on all these skins, making it a very easy time for me.

Again and as always thanks to Asdrael for all of his hard work on the OEM Bikes! Without you MX Bikes wouldn’t be what it is.

And of course TMFR for providing the public with the free models!

Feedback is very welcome and see you in the woods!


When downloaded, run the .exe file, keep the default mods folder or change it to your own one, and hit “extract”.

This is the most simple way I could come up with.

If you don’t want to use the Installer, you can right click and open it with 7zip or WinRAR and install the bikes manually.



v0.15.3a Full version Installer
v0.15.3a Full version for server owners (no models - normal game will crash!)

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