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Enduro De Heuvelenberg


De Heuvelenberg! A small Dutch enduro course that’ll test every rider’s abilities. A well known rough, rocky and sandy enduro course located in the Netherlands. The track will get rougher and rougher each lap. You better be prepared before you sign in to race on this track. This course has more elevation than most of the Dutch enduro’s. That means that this course will test both the local heroes and the internationals.

The key to De Heuvelenberg is to keep cool, look ahead and don’t try to go too fast. There are a lot of trees and little rocks. They’re easy to run in to, be carefull! Be prepared to get tired, really tired.

*Help! I have low framerates!
Be sure to turn off 3D grass and perhaps lower your overall graphics when having a low framerate.
You could perhaps delete the forest1.wav file from the track folder as well. This file is the sounds you hear on track. It wouldn’t suprise me if that’d cause low framerates.

Please note:
This track started out as a test, so don’t expect much from it. The trackside cameras are bad, really bad. I added them, but didn’t spend much time on them. I also know some trees have flipped faces and some just have weird shadows. I don’t want to find the 10-20 out of 2000 trees that have issues. That’d take me years. I learned a lot doing this track. My next track should be better in all ways.

Donations are always welcome):

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!!!! Important !!!!
I’m not the author of his mods, I just share with the community and don’t get any benefit from it, I would like to especially thank all the modders whoever they are for their time and their precious work on MxBikes.
!!!! Important !!!!

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