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Enduro Loop- ‘Tarpeian Springs’


Just a reupload of this awesome track made by Jughaid on mods! Enjoy 😀

Original post:

I’ve only found out about MX Bikes because of the Steam release and have been rushing through modding tutorials in order to work out how to create custom content.

This is the first map I’d like to share; ‘Tarpeian Springs’ is the result of an auto generated landscape (L3DT) and a random squiggly line which came together to form a natural terrain, single trail enduro loop.  There are a few obstacles and trees to negotiate, and a bit of custom scenery for character.  I think the track gets better after a few laps as the deformation makes it look better and starts to produce new lines.  It’s a bit over 4kms long and a lap is about 5:40- it’s a bit of a challenge to complete a lap without dropping the bike.  The replay TV cameras are in place as well.

I don’t play online so I don’t know if that works- I suspect it does.  I’ve only given it 6 gates because that seemed about right to me, and it wasn’t really something I was focusing on.  That’s easy enough to change if I do an update, although at the moment I’m very keen to move on from this project so I can continue to work on the old YZ465, and others…

Problems that I know about are that sometimes a ‘long reset’ will put you back at the first corner, and there’s a few floating trees and objects not sitting right.

This has been an exercise in learning how to do everything I needed to do to get a track into the game without worrying about doing it well, so I guess it’s a Beta…

It’s not Motocross but hopefully there’ll be a few guys out there that will enjoy this track!

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how do you get that bike


Will you please try to find the bike?


This guy has had that bike for a long time and posts YouTube videos with him using it but dodges or doesn’t answer when people ask about how to get it. He must get a kick out of dangling it in front of people and not sharing. He certainly makes sure its always in the pics of whatever he posts.


Unless it really isnt finished. Sometimes I forget to take into account how much time and effort it takes to make stuff like that for the game


dawg just go like on the 1-2t oem think theres something similar there


this map is really fun to play, and is a great change of pace. It is not challanging like the krakenberg but is still challanging. i would’ve maybe put in 1 or more flat rock gardens, but since ive never made a map i dont know how difficult that is. In conclusion id say this is a solid 4.5 out of 5. Great work as always