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FAC Monster Energy SE5 & Green Oakley Frontlines


Another SE5 skin for you guys to use as you rip up the virtual dirt scooter course, with all the flashy and sparkly bits as usual. I made this skin to fill in the blank space that is Monster skins for Conceptgraffs SE5

There are some details throughout the paint and especially on the logos that you really have to download to see


As usual if you guys like the mod please rate it and if you have any feedback feel free to comment them


Thank You:

Aeffertz for the PSD and making the model to begin with

Conceptgraff for importing the helmet and for responding to my dumb questions at what was probably stupid times for him

bh5o for the logo sheet that had the Monster logo I used


In Game Photos


As always thanks and enjoy 🙂

Mod dependencies

This mod by Conceptgraff is needed:

TroyLeeDesigns SE5 model helmet

Mod Instructions

Instructions can be found in the .txt within the .rar download


Total downloads: 376 Download

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