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FAC South Beach TLD SE5 & White Oakley Frontlines


Was sitting at my desk board out of my mind and I decided to try making a helmet, so I made a couple (disgusting ones) and eventually decided to try a Miami Vice style colourway, and sorta got a distracted by something shiny and decided to throw some glitter on the helmet and then that led to “Well Chromes also shiny, so why not”

If you like the paint please rate the mod and if you have any feedback please post it in the comments


Thanks To:

aeffertz for the PSD and making the model to begin with

Conceptgraff for importing the helmet and for responding to my dumb questions at what was probably stupid times for him

MURRAYFILMS for making the ReShade preset that polished the turds that are my in-game photos








        Conceptgraff’s SE5 Mod is needed for this to work, it can be found here 

Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

Mod dependencies

This mod by Conceptgraff is needed:

TroyLeeDesigns SE5 model helmet

Mod Instructions

What files go where is explained in the text document included in the .rar download


Total downloads: 1280

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