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Farley’s Straight Rhythm Facility


Hello guys! This was new so I had some issues making it raceable but It will work like this, the only way possible that “I” found to make it raceable) it is start the race and the race will be over when you cross the “1st split time checkpoint” at the finish line. I’m sorry if I had any english mistake and I think that’s all! Let’s bark bois! Hope you all enjoy it! Welcome to Farley’s Facility! Here is a cool preview by the one and only bad boy Bryan Farley my G: 

– Bryan Farley: “I do want to tell you, You completely exceeded my dream for a straight rhythm facility (I had faith in your talents by your previous work) something about multiple rhythm sections sounds cool but making it a reality and the community hasn’t seen a created map other than pibosos default I was worried more that it might not be what the community enjoy/will enjoy. I said screw it no risk no reward and hit you up far as layout it’s perfect first session was for like hours the 3 courses were great idk how you came up with them I literally enjoy all of them. I liked the big send into the oval & the house jump is great as well I could go on for days picking what I love about this facility because bro I LOVE it you are talented easy to work with and grateful for going through this process and I proudly feel you are a friend not just a content creator”



If you are interested in making some track just dm me on my instagram @feulatracks @kewinfeula131 or my discord: kewinfeula#5028


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