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Flackwell Heath MX


Welcome to Flackwell Heath Motopark! This track is located off of the M40 between the cities of High Wycombe and Flackwell Heath. This track does not feature a start straight, so I had to improvise, and I put it on top of the finish line table. However, I have never been to this track as I live in the US, so for the riders in the UK, let me know how this turned out!

Special Thanks

TFC – for video tutorials and track assets from the forum – The Assets Thread (

RESOLUTE KRAKEN – for the track builder, video tutorials, and for making it possible for any pleb like me to contribute to this awesome community

Various GoPro Videos including: Mx track previews by wisey172 – YouTube, Lynds – YouTube,Rhys Cooper – YouTube,Curtis Roberts – YouTube


Made for Beta 18.

Changelog 1

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