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Florida Trails


1000 meters x 1000 meters of Florida trails. Some parts are easy, some parts are difficult. The trails go both ways but one or two jumps only make sense in a specific direction but those are few and far between. The trails are all interconnected. No map other than what I was able to screenshot from track editor and even that has some areas where the water planes cover the trail texture. 40 rider spots, no timing gates, a race version is possible in the future if there is interest but these trails are for good times not low times.

The factory 250 4 strokes are perfect if you want to double your way around the mounds but if you are struggling with the them the enduro bikes work well at absorbing the bumps and should clear most if not all jumps.





Cody and Kellz –  tree pack

Red rider – Water

Resolute Kraken – Track Builder

Thank you all for providing these tools and assets to the community.


Total downloads: 11521

Made for Beta 18.

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