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FMX Test Track


This is a fmx track I have been making to test my ramps. It’s a simple circle track with two ramps on each side. The ramp with the shorter gap is a super kicker. The ramp with a bigger gap is a standard comp ramp. The ramps with the runner are laid out the same just with a runway in front of the ramp for more traction. There is also a few long jumps and quarter pipes. A forum post about the ramps can be found here along with links to the models.

Track model credits:
Ramps: TheFuffyGecko
Water Truck: tfc
Bobcat: fred_mx
Foliage and all other models: giopanda

Update 1:

New Ramp: Long jump set to 120ft

New Ramp: Quarter pipe

More information on the ramps can be found on the MX Bikes forums

Update 2:

The quarter pipe landings are steeper and taller

2 new quarter pipes have been added next to the standard fmx landings.

Removed some fences

Update 3:

Be sure to reset track deformation between updates or you may get weird results with previous ruts

A new tabletop has been added. This tabletop has a long jump and 2 new quarter pipes on top. The quarter pipes are fun to transfer over and go for big backflips.

200ft long jump step down

Next to the tabletop is two new quarter pipes

New Height gauge near quarter pipes

New X Games style step up jump carved out of the first fmx landing

A comp ramp has been added to the second fmx landing and the gap set to 85ft

The angle of the previous 120ft jump has been changed but the gap is the same

Edges of the map are now colligable

Removed more fences

Added small hills in off track area

Adjustments to compact soil in front of ramps

New bobcat by fred_mx

This is the final big update but feedback is still appreciated. I will still do adjustments if needed.

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well done
I like the fmx jumps and I just wish it was a little bigger and with more traction control (the jump itself)
cant wait to see whats next from you


so the bike little slide when going on ramps
but its not a big deal


Well done man. This is one of the best tracks in the game to learn air control and MXB fundamentals. The run up speed, ramp grip, trajectory angle are all perfect to toss some realistic looking turn ups and turn downs. I’ll be spending ALOT of time here. sooo sick!

Last edited 11 months ago by CeeBigs

I absolutely love it man! It would be neat to remove the fences, and maybe add landings elsewhere 😉 quite possibly behind the quarter pipe ramps ;)))) (For undisclosed purposes of course lol). But I love it and id love to see more line choice and imagination for cool transfers


Very good feeling , the ramps are perfect Good job !

Last edited 11 months ago by Streich313

I like the first update! 😉

Last edited 11 months ago by omer

Hi man, the track is awesome. Do u think the quarter’s landings can be steeper ? Thnx !


Love this track bro great job, any way we could see like xgames step up added?


bro i cant download it. fml


big fan of the quarters man sick track but i think the quarter landings could be a touch higher if you do another update


what u think if they re steeper a bit ?


yeah man steeper and a touch taller i reckon would be dialed

Cody James

looks sick


Thnks for the changes, the landings feel waaaay better !!! Good work man.


Loving this place even more than before! ive got an idea and i have big plans with it and i think it would be absolutely massively cool. What if you elevated a runup to a quarter pipe ramp about the height of the landings around the place and if you sent the ramp straight on, you would downside the landing like a step down rather than a double. I have huge plans for this if you make it happen, im already attempting my idea on the update 2 ramps (just with flat ground as landing). I really appreciate the work, and appreciate seeing you really incorporate what people are recommending. Ive spend countless hours here already, and cant wait to see what this area will become in the near future!


Yes! Essentially. I would hope for a little more runup. Either way, I love it! Check my next public comment with the link to see exactly what my plan is 😉


absolutely loving the fact that you’re updating this post over and over again. So cool to see you progressing! Not a big fan of FMX but I think I have to give it a spin soon 🙂


I really like that you always update this map over and over its really good each time!!!

Matz Oscar

i just did a quad backflip

Cody James


dylan44frisch many said it wasnt possible (including me) but here it is guys. Hope you like my first (clean) 6x backflip, and seriously thank you THEFLUFFYGECKO for making this awesome place


feel like the ramps should be a lil further back but the quarterpipe is spot on!!! i can’t stop playing that section ahah


hey , the map is amazing , can you create the map of red bull x figthers in madrid?


can you create the map of the red bull x figthers in madrid ? the map is amazing


bro can you make step-up jump?

Cody James

Looks great! Thanks man


Insane updates man!!
well done!


hey I’ve played and loved every edition of your maps but i have an issue with this update when i play it its like there are mountains growing.


When I launch the newest update the entire map glitches out, spikes and weird mountain shapes


how do i do this


yep, it worked. Awesome update!


Thanks so much for this art and thank you for listening to all the comments and suggestions. I cant wait to put hours into this update as well, and expect big things to come from these ramps 😉


what is good bike and setup for fmx? and give some tips.


the ground i messed up in the latest update


Why do I spawn under the map? Not even the map, just some random map! Please help me. If someone can contact me at Rat Man#2732 on Discord, would be happy or reply to my comment.

Regards, Lewis


update is crazy good man landings are on point !!


can you get it on the demo ?


Can you post the previous versions? The latest update has some kind of glitch with the terrain


how do I reset it


How do I reset track deformation?

Cody James

Click the big “reset track” in the pits


Hi guys! What i do wrong? I dowload and move the file to -> motocross. And i dont find the map when i open the game and go to Training? What i need to do help me!

osama bomb ya

i cant download it into the game ?


gonna get a good game of bike here