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Fort Red


Welcome to Fort Red! (Fort Dodge round 2 from Reflex)

I’m excited to finally finish a track project again for the community, it’s a combination of Reflex and MXB style where I tried to stay true to Reflex but in an MXB way. (tested with OEM bikes) If you like this track and start  thinking “I hope he makes more Reflex to MXB tracks” lol I’m just doing this one so, sorry in advance. I mostly got the itch to make the height map and then it just grew from there, making these stadiums is time consuming and I’ve got a lot more content to finish 🙂 So please enjoy and relive a little nostalgia from MvA Reflex.



Earthwurx Discord <3

Dblu- tips for material thickness, whip video (main screen)

Mulock- Tracked tutorial, Checking my centerline and race data <3

JV- info/advice/assistance/optimizations <3

Logan- Crowd Audio, lots of things and Friend <3

ParaMoto-Gas Can Reference model.

FluffyGecko for Ramp models 

Niko, Maplar, Kingmx,Mulock,Cody,Alpha,Calum anyone else that gave feedback on the beta 1 or 2 and QA testing (Fort Dodgin them spikes lol )

If you want to you can donate money here Thanks!


Total downloads: 24494

Made for Beta 18.

Fort Red
Fort Red
Fort Red (Server)
Fort Red (Server)

Support RedRider197!

Hey there! If you would like to support my work, just know all donations will go towards paying for programs I use to make mods. This is just a 2nd job/hobby type beat for me and donations are not expected. Cheers!

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