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Fox 2022 Gear – JP Designs


Hey everybody, as always, it’s been a while lmao

Been grinding out Fox kits which you might’ve seen on Discord, so here’s some public versions of just a few. Hope you all enjoy, I certainly like these ones.

If you want a version with your own name and number on them, message me on Discord.

If you wanna see some of the other stuff I make, join my Discord server, pretty much everything is there.

Any and all donations are massively appreciated, as I’m tryna get a PC coz everything I do is off a shitty old $500 HP office laptop, which isn’t ideal.

Discord: Petch195#7666

JP Designs Discord Server:


Piboso – Game

TypicalCanadian – Tips for with stitching

iNsane – 3D Viewer and help with various things

ThreeTwo7 – Also help with various things

And various other people who also helped with various little things along the way. Sorry if I forgot anyone who helped me to be less of a noob.

Thanks for the support, good day to you all!

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Fox 2022 Variety Pack - JP Designs

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killer gear man always making the best gear out!!




Great gear man! Nice work with the stitching too. Keep it up!


What’s your discord?