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Fox 2023 Flexair LE RYVR – JPD


For once uploading when I say, second upload of the day haha.

This was the reason the Just1 gear (My last post) was a few days late. I originally saw this on insta, but it wasnt released yet. But, I figured I would make it as best I could ready for release when I would have more than 144p screenshots from AC’s instagram as refences. Then I could make some small changes, which I have now done, and it’s all ready for you all to enjoy.

The orange one is the actual one that is available to the public, but Christian Craig had the black version too on his Insta. Hoping the guys rock this kit at A1 in a day or two (Time zones fucked coz I’m Aussie).

If you guys like some of the shit I make, take a peek at my Discord channel, JP Designs. PM me on Discord if u want custom stuff made. Any and all donations, constructive criticisms, and nice comments are massively appreciated. Keeps me motivated.

Anyways guys, enjoy.

JP Designs Discord channel –

My Discord – Petch195#7666


Fox 23 Flexair LE RYVR - JPD

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