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Fox MX22 Pack


Hey people, been working on this one for too long haha

This is almost the full 2022 Fox line up of gear. It excludes the Fox PADDOX gear because A – I wasn’t sure if it counted as a 2022 gear set because it was limited edition and B – I don’t particularly like the gear set. Also someone else already made it. There is matching gloves for most of the gear sets included. The MERZ gloves are designed to be used with the MERZ and RIET gear. The gloves are not the focus of this pack for sure.

The pack also includes multiple paints for the 2020 Fox Instinct so that there are some boots with identical matching colours for some of the gear sets that didn’t have that. They are also not the focus though and are not 100% accurate but they do look good.

This is the same for the helmet paints and goggles. These are not for the Fox V3 Senior though so if you want to use them you will need to redownload and reinstall the old Fox V3. The helmet paints are also not 100% accurate as I had to create my own template and this did not result in unlimited possibilities. The template is quite hard to use and as a result I was only able to create a few helmet paints. The ones that I did make are good though. The goggles are also pretty cool and there are matching colorways for most gear sets, but it’s up to you as to whether they are worth reinstalling the old helmet, which will override the new helmet.

The main focus of this pack is the gear of course. Everything is public and default name and numbers should fit perfectly unless you are using a crazy font. Gear includes:
– MERZ (Gold, Red, Flo)
– RIET (Gold, Flo)
– DIER (Flo, Teal, Orange, Purple, Red)
– NOBYL (Green, Red)
– MIRER (Flo, Red, White, Orange)

Enjoy the gear

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Mod Instructions

Paste the 'MX Bikes' folder into 'This PC/Documents/Piboso'


Fox MX22 pack

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Awesome! Thank you !


bike skin?




The Helmets are not working could you please make the folder to a .pzk file. But the other things are FIRE!

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can we get a new link pls


new link pls


Link doesn’t work could we pls have a new one?


new link pls


link doesnt work 🙁


new link