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Fox Racing – SCAN LE (PSD & Pub)


This will be my first mxb-mods posts. Big shout out to the community for all of the knowledge and PSDs shared. Big thanks to Buzz Cooksey. I’ve learned a lot by examining and working on his PSD’s. Also, big thanks to BATED for the free 3DV poses. On to the good stuff.

Here’s a Fox Racing SCAN LE PSD ( and a pub version if you just use the .tga’s in the TGA folder ). The kit caught my eye when it first came out and the Pro Circuit Team was wearing it at Fox Raceway last week. I decided to make it because there weren’t any on mxb-mods. This isn’t my best kit by any means. I struggled on certain aspects, but I learned a lot in the process. I wanted to share it because open sourcing and sharing assets is what makes the mxb community awesome. Within the download link will be the PSD (with enough access to put your name and number on), and a TGA folder with rider, face_parts, and norms. If at least one person enjoys this then I’m happy. I should also have the gloves up in 48 hours ( no promises on that timeline ). * June 6 @11:47pm(CST US) Added .xcf format for GIMP users. I added this file format for the file to appear correct to GIMP users. The Fox logo (Chest) was appearing dark blue in GIMP because of a color overlay I used in PS from when I copy the logo over from my RYVR project. If any GIMP users had a issue with seeing a dark blue logo instead of white you will find the .xcf file will work better in GIMP. *June 7, I just released the SCAN LE gloves on mxb-mods. You should be able to find them by searching ”SCAN” or going thru my profile.


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Fox Racing - SCAN LE (PSD & TGAs)

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