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FoxHills 2022


Here is my first full track release for any game so it is far from perfect but however I am pleased enough with it to release it as it is (or I never will). This track was pulled from lidar data, the layout was 2020 so I had to change some sections to make it the 2022 Revo MXBG layout, so some parts may not be perfect.

I tried to make  the track as realistic as possible but creating more than 1 line choice in corners. The shading on jumps and ruts are far from perfect as L3DT will not let me draw my layer masks on (lovely error codes) so I have decided this will suffice for now.

Normal version and server version included, also my shader preset,

I hope you enjoy!.


Thanks to:


Giopanda-Track assets

TFC-For his tuts

Resolute Kraken-Track builder and tuts

Red Rider- Awesome Semis

+ Anyone else I forgot to shout out!.










Total downloads: 1868

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

FoxHills 2022
FoxHills 2022

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