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Frosted Paint Co. Pink/Teal SM10 + Pink/Black 100% Armega


This is my first helmet paint I’ve made, threw it together to get a feel for making helmet skins and per the request of Mr. Jesse Mulock to make it public, here it is. I may edit and update the paint later, idk lol. I’m more proud of the goggles lmao

This is made for Stu’s import found here
( https://mxb-mods.com/2022-alpinestars-sm10 ) The helmet paint will work on Insanes import, but I don’t believe the goggle paint will. As well as Stu’s other import of the SM10 w/ Scott/Spy

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Tyler Wren/LC Creations – Helmet Model

Tyler Wren & Insane for PSDs

Stu for uploading the model, and all credits on that post.

Wayne @frostedpaintco



Mod dependencies

This mod by Stuukracing is needed:

2022 Alpinestars SM10



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