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Frosty’s YZF PSD – Beta 15 OEM’s


Here is my PSD for the 2020 YZF for the Beta 15 OEM’s. Lots of custom textures included. Please take your time and read through the .txt file included. It should answer alot of questions you would have! If you are going to release your own skins with these I just ask that you give credit. All credits found in PSD. Don’t forget to show them some love too!

If you enjoy my work donations are greatly appreciated but not required!

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If you enjoy my work donations are greatly appreciated but not required

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This is my second skin and first time using this template. I’m a little confused because when I edit the psd and save it as tga or whatever my paint Ed won’t read it.


sorry for all the questions man I have redownloaded the whole file and saved as tga resized etc. its still in the folder you gave us but my paint ed wont read it at all. Lol I’ve read through the notes like 5 times and still don’t get it…


i think its something with paint ed because it wont read old files either


ya I have been retried it with you pack and original and none work now when i go to photoshop and save as a tga am I suppose to change the name from frosty yzf to yz2020.tga? painted wont open the original file either to show the n and r tga file thanks for your time…


example i take your psd made edits saved as tga to a new folder then used the norm and other one in same folder direct read on painted and nothing shows up


when i save as a tga and type .tga at the end and it goes to folder without .tga at the end.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bradencory229

figured it out finally lol didnt have the folder saved under a drive


so i dont know what the problem is but i made my changes and everything and it all looks good even in the preview screen in paint ed but when i go to the game its just the stock looking one like i made no changes to it


Is this relevant for the 2022 YZF models?


yes, same model 🙂