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Heard about Pepiti?

FXR Podium Pro Gearset


I figured I would post this, I saw something kind of similar but couldn’t find the exact one. I hope you guys enjoy this I spent a solid amount of time on it, making custom shading and others. I mainly wanted to post an updated version of this gearset for the community. I plan on making some more gearsets and I also have the FXR Pro Renen gearset as well.

If you are interested in getting your name and number onto the gearset or looking for someone to make you a gearset please add me on discord thebearyk and I will send you an invite into my discord and create a ticket. Prices are listed but have some changes, and I also have some wiggle room.

Hope you guys enjoy!


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FXR Podium Pro Gearset
FXR Podium Pro Gearset

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