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GasGas of Troy x Rockstar


-Introducing the GasGas of Troy x Rockstar graphics kit-

GasGas of Troy x Rockstar graphics kit for all the gasgas bikes. Option for black and gold rims available.

Seen Rival Inks “Creed of Troy” graphics kit so thought I’d make my own version in game for the gasgas as that’s the bike I’m riding at the moment. Would of made it for the Yam or the Honda which would of made a bit more sense but I never use those bikes so fuck it.

Update – Fixed left radiator shroud issue, changed bar pad edge to white (I didn’t like the red lol)

Big Thanks to CODY JAMES for the Template.

Used the front plate design as well from it as well as a couple logos and of course all of the engine shit.


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For all GasGas Bikes

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Huracán Honcho

this is dope


Hella cool man you mind if i make a bike off this ? You Didn’t have discord on ur page or i would have sent this there.