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GFuel x TikTok 2024 Yamaha YZ250F (Public)


Hello everyone, this is my first public release on MXB-Mods, so thanks for checking it out and leaving a rating!

This was a bike that I took some inspiration from multiple different IRL bikes and compiled them all into one (and put my own touches on of course). Main sponsors are GFuel and TikTok, I kinda just picked them because they’re two brands I use daily and had it sitting right in front of me lol.


If you’d like to support me, feel free to go check out my links below!

YouTube –

TikTok –

Donate Here:


Thanks to Buzz Cooksey for his template he shared, it helped me line up some of my numbers and such, and I also used a little of his front + rear fender design for this bike.

iNsane for the 3D Model Viewer + other tools.

Thanks to Franky for the awesome model and Cody_James for the textures!

Whoever designed the 2023 Yamaha 450F template (doesn’t say on website).

Mod dependencies

This mod by giopanda is needed:

[release v1.0] Dunlop Geomax MX33 + Excel Signature rims


Total downloads: 2152

Download on MXB-Mods
Public Template .PSD (Add Your Number!)
Download from (Bike .PNT)
Download Public Template (.PSD) from

Changelog 2

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