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Glacial Gears Arenacross


What’s up Everyone! I’m super stoked to share this track build with you! It has been a while since my last track upload (Compound 30), so I wanted to share/give back to the community by releasing this track for free. This project was a 2 week build that was inspired by a real track, located in Andover, Ohio, called NEMX (shut down in 2013). I changed the outdoor scenery/environment to give it a fantasy track feel, which I thought would be better for the game. Glacial Gears was intended for all skill levels. I didn’t make the tough blocks have collisions, for newer riders to try and learn Arenacross/Supercross without having to be punished for every mistake, as well as trying to keep the rhythm sections tame, yet do-able for new comers. Don’t be fooled though, there are PLENTY of big lines for pro players. Each rhythm section has 2-3 rhythm lines that are pretty equal in speed.

I really hope you guys enjoy this one! I can’t wait to show you some other bigger projects that I have in the works. Cheers! – Spuds30


Special Thanks!

Endo Creations – This dude is basically my professor. He puts up with the thousands of questions I ask him while trying to improve as a creator, as well as providing some of the best laughs while doing it. He’s provided me with a ton of textures/objects as well. Enjoy your track building retirement bro! (I’m still going to ask you questions lol)

Razzles126 – constantly testing/giving feedback as well as bouncing ideas off of eachother for our builds.

ShadeyWadey – Objects Animations


~ EarthWurx: ~

Slabz – Track Marshalls/Rocks

ParaMoto – Vp Race cans / Campers / Red Tank

Red – Welcome Signs / Starting Gates / Bale textures

Cody James – Matrix Bike Stands

Navo – Vans

Anybody else who I may have forgotten!

Huge thank you to all of the homies from the Stateline HRC Honda Team and everybody who we play with on a regular basis, you guys know who you are! Appreciate you fellas! – Spuds30


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Made for Beta 17.

Glacial Gears Arenacross
Glacial Gears Arenacross
Server Version
Glacial Gears Arenacross

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