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Goodgame Ranch


Credit to AGITATOROSSHELL,REDRIDER197, and Giopanda for objects and credit to RESOLUTE KRAKEN for the track builder helper!!!

I made much better improvements from the last track I created and hopefully you guys can tell!

If there is any bugs, just tell me and I will do my best to fix it.

And if anyone wanted to know the track is *SOFT SOIL*.


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Made for Beta 17.

High Quality
Goodgame Ranch
Server Version
Goodgame Ranch (server version)

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Man i was having a hard time goin that uphills and bumps not really flowy track but keep it up!


This track is super cool, BUT… The elevation changes, off camber, and SOME of the roughness is too exaggerated to the point where it feels like your fighting the games physics and it doesn’t work as well as you’d hope with how cool the track looks. The up hill rollers are very difficult to find a flow on. I think this track and more tracks like this have a lot of opportunity to be a community fav but it just needs some work! Keep pushing out tracks, I think you’re on to something!