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There's currently some file and folder permission issues. I am unable to resolve those in the next 6 hours, but as soon as I am at home I will do my best to fix that. Sorry for the inconvenience. The submission form is disabled as of now!

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Green Acres Motocross


Green Acres Motocross made by Checkerz448 in Mx Simulator.

Thanks to Agitato for the banners.

The photo has trees, but I took them out. I don’t know how to adjust / remove collisions.

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Made for Beta 17.

Green Acres Motocross

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doesnt pot up in the track menu


youre an idiot, you eithher put it in supercross or some shit or you didnt put it in at all


nope put it in motocross and its not there


You’re an idiot dude was just asking a question! GTFOH with that bullshit and fuck your track if you’re going to be a Dick!


delete the -1 off the end of the name, guessing jaxson made it based off that reply lmao


yeh he seemed pretty mad


wasnt even mad lmao, youre doin something wrong or it would pop up


no the track is named wrong thats y it wasnt working i had it in the right place the track creator didnt make the pkz name correctly


doesnt show up in track menu


it shows up in the menu, but you have to delete the -1 off the end of the name.


for sure hit an invisible wall in the middle of the track.


This track looks like it will ride well, but there are invisible walls I am hitting everywhere. Like just cruising and SLAM, right into something invisible. Will this be fixed? The track is completely unrideable, but looks cool


Have put over 100 laps on the track currently and can say i have hit 0 invisible walls. Not sure what you guys are talking about lol. I have also tried every line from inside to outside, no issues.


Seeing your comment made me re-download the file, and I am no longer hitting any invisible walls! Track is fun! 🙂


And the PKZ is named correctly, its because you already have the original pkz is why it downloads as -1. He has the file named without the -1.