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Hangtown 2018


This track is recreation of Hangtown 2018. (Created using the 125 All Star Race footage). Originally this project started out as a modification of the original “Hangtown” that was released in mid-July. I then realized to make the track as realistic as possible I would not only need to model the track completely, but also dedicate to a layout. Thus, Hangtown 2018 was created.

This track contains several deviations from the earlier “Hangtown,” most notably there are two additional sections. Included are the switchback section after the peak jump, and the wall and step-up before the “Fly 150.” However, there is a single deviation from the 2018 layout. In the 2018 race, the “Fly 150” (the large uphill triple) is a set of whoops. Upon discussion with Hangtown locals I decided to replace the whoop section with the “Fly 150” becuase, “we try to forget the year they replaced that…”. While it would be unique to have the whoop section in place, I decided to keep the 150 to create the “ideal” track in my mind.

I big thank you to Mulock22 – He has been the man through the creation of this track. He has provided wonderful feedback and created the fully-functional camera set to accompany the track.

Hope you all enjoy.


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