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Hazy Hills


Hey everyone, I’m very happy to share this new track with you all. I’ve spent a lot of time on this one. I built it for myself first, I wanted a spot where I could just run laps after laps and improve my skills without behing bored. I hope you will like to run hotlaps after hotlaps as much as I do.

Despite the insane amount of work i’ve putted into this one, I decided to release it for free for the only reason of seeing it flood the servers. I want everyone to enjoy this one, and I hope it’s not too hard for it to enter the Tracks Hall of Fame…!! 😛

Now a few words about the track itself. It is a pretty technical supercross track slapped on a motocross layout with elevation. It is really fun and flowy but it’s also pretty hard and techy. You gotta take your time to learn your way around this unique features. You can race it with your friends but it has been made mostly for solo training. Just do laps, let the deformation do it’s thing and enjoy while seeing your skills go STONK.

Thanks to RedRider and D.Alves for some of the objects !!


Total downloads: 15399

Made for Beta 18.

Hazy Hills

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