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Hemonds MX – Sawmill


So after this Track being on my PC for about 6 months and not touching it for months. I have finally decided to finish it up and release it for hopefully everyone to enjoy. This Track is very heavily inspired by a local track here in Maine called Hemonds MX and Offroad. However it is in no way a replica, as I have changed things and added features for a more fun flowy aspect. This is The sawmill track, there are 2 tracks on the property but I sorta got busy with other projects and IRL things and never finished the second track. Eventually down the road I will probably rebuild The second one completely and finish the track and update this. But for now I just want to take a break from this project and work on other things. This is my first Actual release of a track. Have been doing track building for some time but never released anything yet. There are things that I would have done differently on this and maybe will change if I decide to update it. Such as I can model A LOT better now and may have changed a few things etc. I and plenty of friends have had fun on this track so decided to release it to the public.


I would suggest taking a few slow laps to understand the track a bit before throwing down heaters. There are a few sneaky tight corners and a few wall jumps that will throw you off at first. The track is fun and rides well on all bikes as well. I prefer the 250 myself but there are a few fast 450 lines. I also put 40 gates because why not, gotta have some chaos sometimes.

Big special thanks to Tbell for showing me everything track making wise the past 2 years. Without him I probably never would have known where to start.

Extra credit to,

Moto237- Being the main track tester since this build has started and constantly giving me feedback

All the boys on Satori for helping run test laps and races to get everything sorted

Cody James and Kellz- Trees

RedRider- Gate asset

And plenty of other friends over the past few months who have put feedback in on the track build

Track Info

Track ID: Hemmonds MX.pkz


Total downloads: 6854

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

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