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Hide PiBoSo Gear Icon (3rd Person Mod)


*In case someone sees this post and thinks it’s just a meme, it’s 1000% not. I just a made a funny thumbnail that would give people the idea of what this mod does. April 1st is still three months away, so look forward to the funnies then.


You could normally hide the gear HUD in-game only for 1st person view players, but not for 3rd. This mod hides it for 3rd and 1st person views.


Please read the instructions included. I made it super easy to do, whether you play on Steam or not. I hope  you guys dig this kind of mod. Us third person slayers are a rare breed.


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If you’d like me to add your name, number, etc. to anything I make, or anything done completely from scratch, HMU on Discord: actuallybuzz#3552







Total downloads: 53

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Hide PiBoSo Gear Icon

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