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Hydra Hill


Welcome to Hydra Hill.

This is my first track, and it is a fictional track set on my IRL property. I used real world height map data to get the scale and actually went outside and touched grass to help me model the landscape. My goal was to see what a track could look like if I used all my property to build one. Because I only have a humble 5 acres, the track is short and compact but also beginner-friendly since I am new to the game and have put more time into this track than the actual game itself.

I previously modeled my house and garage to scale, so I used them as a part of the track. You will find yourself racing through the breezeway and in-between the house and garage. The only collisions on the track are the house and garage.

There is the main MX track, and outside the main area, there is the example SX track, a bermed Flat Track, an FMX area, and a Trail that loops (watch out for the crashed UFO).

NOTE: This track was designed for and tested on a 125/250f.

Special thanks to:

  • Resolute Kraken – Track builder
  • TFCMods – Tutorials
  • RedRider197 – Assets
  • Agitato – Assets
  • Giopanda – Assets
  • Kellz x Cody – Tree Pack
  • Superjoint – Flags
  • TheFluffyGecko – Ramps
  • Phantomz – Skid Steer
  • and Lynds for providing entertainment
I also have the bike stands from the pits available on the asset page and plan on adding more assets in the future.

Thank you!

– HydraRetro

Track Info

Track ID: HydraHill


Total downloads: 4503

Made for Beta 18.

Server Version
Server Version

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