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I Have a Dream Official Public Beta 2.0


Hello guys, after 3 month of work I’m finally able to give you a beta of the track I’m working on, isn’t perfect but it’s pretty fun! It’s the first track I spend that much time, it’s far from finished but let me know what you think that could be improved!

thanks to Ponza, Niko Mouk, Stone Rider for beta test

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It’s great, that’s all I can say!


this track is great but it would be even better if the jumps were a little bigger


Give credit to the original creator, As this same track with fewer jumps due to you adding a few, was originally in MX sim. I couldn’t find the origin on the Forums but I’ll keep digging. But please give credit where it’s due because this track felt extremely familiar the moment I hopped on it and realized it was that. And just to come here and find you not giving credit where it’s due. Other then that, the jumps need to be bigger. A lot bigger. The finish line should be a lot longer, as your forced to check up heavily on a 450. Assuming its the same on the 250. The double double sand section after the sand whoops, after the start is ridiculously small. But again the track feels great even with the major check ups.