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Lavender Bell Moto-10


I made this months ago, but decided I’d upload it here in case anyone liked it. It’s super basic, but I just really wanted to make a lavender helmet with In-N-Out and Red Bull as the main sponsors, add some gold leaf in there for extra character, and have some matching lavender 100% goggles. There’s an orange-to-yellow faded version that I made as well, so I thought I’d throw it in. Again, I know this is not an amazing paint on my part lol. Also, there will be a second post with the Lavender U.S.A. Tech 10’s that I made using TCrain’s model and PSD.

Thank you StoneRider for allowing us to use this amazing mod, AND giving us the PSD.


Side note: I have no intention of fixing the Adidas logo at the back of the goggles lol. Sorry.


Mod dependencies

This mod by Aydenm9 is needed:

Carbon Leatt Helment


Lavender Helmet
Lavender 100% Goggles
Orange Lemonade Helmet

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