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After a couple hundred hours of trial and error I’m stoked to release this track to you all. This is my first track in MXB and was meant to be a realism backyard SX track somewhere in the mountains. The track layout and scaling is tricky and definitely leans more towards pro level. The textures are meant to be realistic and erode adds more detail to the track surface so don’t be scared to crank it to 5x + erode. I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to provide any feedback – There will be more to come!



Additionally Whoever posts the fastest time in video format to discord here will be immortalized on the record board for the next track release. You will also get an early link to the next track to set a new time for the board. There is no set deadline as it relies on when the next track is ready for release. Currently Hurlz holds the fastest lap with a 1:03.0.


I want to give a big shoutout to ResoluteKraken for helping me through the various troubles along the way. Hemi for helping me test the various scaling and layouts during the build. Hurren and StoneRider for advice and helping with tackling an MXB track for the first time. PhantomZ for the skid steer model and Agitato for the track marker model.


Donations are obviously not required but if you’d like to buy me a coffee, here is my link.


Made for Beta 17.

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