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James Stewart Compound


This is the mxb-mods upload of the Beta 4 (time flies!) James Stewart (JS7) Compound replica TFC and I made back then. NOTHING CHANGED COMPARED TO FORUM RELEASE!

Complete with a National Loop, SX South (Clay) and SX North (Sand). Additionally, a Free Practice version is included, allowing you to practice on whatever track you fancy.
We hope you will enjoy the track as much as we do – and as much as we enjoyed working on this project for the last two months together.

A lot of time and effort has been spent to make it as rideable, enjoyable and realistic as possible, while keeping it fairly low on computer requirement (heightmap and masks are 2049). All layouts come with their set of marshals and cameras. If you run with deformation, it will add a bit of challenge but is largely manageable. Plus, it looks pretty cool due to the use of different texture layers.

Free Practice Layout
The base track. It’s built using a combination of the National, SX South and SX North centerlines. Practicing and falling should allow you to reset properly as long as you were somewhere close to the actual tracks. A few weird resets are still possible but should be extremely rare. Couple of laps of National, bit of try-harding on the SX North… up to you!

National layout
As it says, the national loop. Intended for lap times and races. 40 bikes pit, 2×20 start gate

Two different SX tracks have been included in the compound. Please treat them as practice tracks to enjoy them even more. Fast lines do exist, but each track has a ton of different options to practice different skills every lap. Try a full lap using only the inside lines for example! No tough blocks on both tracks.

SX South (Clay – Easy) ~ 50s laptime.
This is the easier of the two and should be considered as a stepping stone to SX. It is very forgiving, flows well, and does not require any special technique to complete fully. Based on the 2015 layout. 20 bikes pit, 2×10 start gate.

SX North (Sand – Hard) ~ 1min laptime.
This one is the opposite. It is brutal and unforgiving, and should be attempted only when running lap cleanly on SX South can be considered easy if you want to avoid frustration. Throttle control, seat bouncing, break sliding, you’ll need it all to run fast laps. Based on the 2016 layout. 20 bikes pit, 2×10 start gate.

The compound

The scale is as close to 100% as was sensible. The dimensions are scaled up ever so slightly but were not talking much, and all in the interest of making it both a realistic replica and a fun track to ride.

This is the first track where TFC has made the objects in Blender and has managed to get trees with alpha working 99% – There are a couple of errors but they are barely noticeable. All objects are 100% original, made and textured by TFC and probably took about as long as the national track heightmap!

We have slaved over all aspects of this track, and it’s a real labor of love.

The Skydomes are borrowed from GP Bikes. We tried to reach out on the GPB forum to find out who made them but nobody came forward. Since they’re used on quite a few GPB tracks I assumed they are just available..

The screenshots you see below have no ‘background.edf’ in the folder. Personally I like to run this track without it, as the trees are already intended to provide enough background. Running the track without it allows you to take better screenshots from above the horizon point of view.

So from both of us, we hope you guys enjoy it! Looking forward to riding it online with you all.

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