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JM- WTF Challenge


Track Release # 9!! (ReaperDoc Track Challenge)

Finally, I was able to put out an Mx track. S/O to Reaper Doc for the opportunity to do something awesome for the community. With a week time frame to build, it turned out much better than I anticipated. I was able to make it more of a fun track, yet still a good track for competitive racing. Thank you to everyone for their constant support and I enjoy making tracks for everyone. Cheers

There are many people to thank for this project:

A big S/O to RedRider for all of the sick objects and help.

TFC: Tutorials

Agigato: Tutorials

Resolute Kraken: Tutorials; Track Builder

Niko: Tutorials

Ruubs: Tutorials

Maplar: Objects and general help

Earthwurx: Objects and general info

Kewin Fuela: General help

All of my testers

Anyone else I may have forgotten, Thank you


Total downloads: 301

Made for Beta 18.

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