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Jurassic Pack


“Welcome to Jurassic Park!”


This is a pack I am very proud of releasing! As a huge fan of the Jurassic Franchise, it is my pleasure to release this special Jurassic Park Vehicles Pack!

In the Pack:

Based on the Classic Jurassic Park tour Ford Explorer, we have the Kawasaki KXF livery!

Works with: KXF 250, KXF 450; File name: jpexplorer


Expecting a more boundless park experience? The Jeep Wrangler Sahara based Honda CRF livery is for you!

Works with: CRF 250R, CRF 450R; File name: jpwrangler


With a more modern design, for those seeking a more robust experience, we have the Jurassic World Mercedes-Benz G550 based Yamaha YZF livery!

Works with: YZ 250F, YZ 450F; File name: jwofficer


Please leave some feedback on the comments, and if there’s any problem please let me know ASAP!

If anyone has a special request for livery or gear, or want a bike with the same design and personalised logos, just contact me on Discord: MTBSP14 #4556.

Also, follow me on Instagram: @theflaviomx

Thanks to:

  • GREENLENUX for the “How to make bikes skins” video on Youtube;
  • PATF122 and FROSTY for the all the templates;
  • Track:
    • Photobooth, by Insane (background remover).


*All bikes mentioned above refer to the Beta 17 OEM Pack variants!

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i not really a big fan of jp but i thought the liverys was sick also he made me one so dm him on discord u wont regret what he does