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Just1 Factory Pack – JPD


Hello everyone, I know this was meant to be on MXB mods a few days ago like I said in Discord, but I am fashionably late. Maybe a double upload coming today to make it up to you all haha. Look out for it, some cool shit.

This is just some 2023 Just1 kits with logo sets for KRT Factory Kawasaki MXGP, JK Racing Yamaha MXGP, and MRT Racing KTM MXGP. Some more love for the lesser known teams in Europe, and I reckon they look dope, so I hope you guys enjoy.

Thankyou for all the support and kind words, I really appreciate all of it. Any and all contructive criticisms, kind comments, and donations are greatly appreciated.

If you like the stuff I release, consider looking through my Discord channel, JP Designs, to see everything I get up to. If you want custom stuff hmu on Discord.

JP Designs channel – https://discord.gg/3kDVUJxG5Q

My Discord – Petch195#7666

Thankyou all, peace out


Just1 Factory Pack - JPD

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