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KBell Racing Test Track


KBell Racing Test Track

KBell Racing is still alive! The track has 40 gates and was made with all levels of skill in mind. Each rhythm has 2-3 smooth lines with some very fast lines for experienced players and slower lines for new players. The track is quite long for a supercross track coming in at about 90 seconds. The track was made for OEMs but factory bikes also work well on the track. I wanted to perfect my supercross “template” with this track, hence why it is a bit longer. I redid the tabletops, whoops and corners so it should feel a little bit better then my previous release, DDC Test Track. Expect a bigger “project” in the near future.

Thanks to:

KeLLz and Cody James for the trees

RedRider197 for starting gate

Phantomz for Skid Steer

Resolute Kraken for MXB track builder

Chikun, Connor, and Gerb for testing


Total downloads: 9398

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

KBell Racing Test Track (MEDIAFIRE)
KBell Racing Test Track (MEGA)
Server Version

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