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KeLLz – Fox Raceway 2023


Fox Raceway 2023
⦁ 40 Rider Gate and Pits
⦁ Track cams
⦁ Fox Raceway 2023 Layout
⦁ Track has been built for and tested on the New OEMs
⦁ 3 Different Quality Versions
(High Res) Has everything
(Mid Res) No spectators, Lower quality normal map
(Low Res) Minimal objects, Lower quality normal map
Special Thanks
⦁ RedRider197 for Starting Gates, Water Truck, EZ-Ups, Bleachers, and for answering my many questions.
⦁ Each and everyone in the Earthwurx Discord have been nothing but helpful to me. Without all the smart people in there I probably wouldn’t be progressing. The work they put out makes me push to create better tracks. Thank you to all of you
⦁ Cast for Creating the start banner textures for Both Redbud & Fox 23. Without those the track would look very bland.
⦁ Insane for all he does for the community
⦁ OEM Team for all the hard work they put into making this game better
⦁ Kewin Fuela for Assets Pack, Norm help, and Leveller Tricks
⦁ TFC for all of the tutorials, without them I wouldn’t have ever started building tracks
⦁ PiBoSo for the game
⦁ Endo for his texture pack, assets, and answering my questions and feedback
⦁ Navo for being the best commentator and because he needs to start creating tracks again
⦁ Cody James for Helping me Create a Tree Asset Pack
⦁ Jesse Mulock for answering all of my questions and OEM work
⦁ Brxghtside for the screenshots
⦁ Resolute Kraken for MXB Track Builder
⦁ SuperJoint for Help with animated Flags
⦁ Everybody I forgot Thank you
Special Thanks to everyone that pushed me to release this. If it wasn’t for you guys this track wouldn’t have gotten a release date.
Also a Special Thanks to Twitch Goons Racing, EX Crew, Skyyy, Calum and Everyone else that tested and gave great feedback. 
Screenshots By: Brxghtside


Total downloads: 20384

Made for Beta 18.

High Res (Google Drive)
High Res (MEGA)
Mid Res (Google Drive)
Mid Res (MEGA)
Low Res (Google Drive)
Low Res (MEGA)
Server Version (Google Drive)
Server Version (MEGA)

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