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KeLLz – Redsand MX


RedSand MX
Today I bring you a track that’s located in Vilafamés, Castellón, Spain. This is not a replica of that track whatsoever. I have recreated everything that is on this build, including my own layouts and added tracks. That being said this is my first fanstasy style release to the public and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as all the testers and myself.
⦁  40 Rider Gate and Pits(Sand/Clay/SX) “I know that’s alot of gates for this SX track but I wanted you to have the option”
⦁  3 Raceable Race Tracks (Clay/ Sand/SX)
⦁  Track cams and Flaggers for Sand & Clay Tracks(Track Cams are not a strong point of mine so if they aren’t the best I apologize)…..Still not a strong point of mine
Special Thanks
⦁  RedRider197 for Starting Gates, Water Truck, Dunlop Tire, Semi Truck, EZ-Ups, Bleachers, and for answering my many questions.
⦁  Each and everyone in the Earthwurx Discord have been nothing but helpful to me. Without all the smart people in there I probably wouldn’t be progressing. The work they put out makes me push to create better tracks. Thank you to all of you
⦁  Insane for all he does for the community
⦁  OEM Team for all the hard work they put into making this game better
⦁  Kewin Fuela for Assets Pack
⦁  Giopanda for Assets Pack
⦁  TFC for all of the tutorials, without them I wouldn’t have ever started building tracks
⦁  FatMuppet for his track banners, they make my life so easy
⦁  PiBoSo for the game
⦁  Endo for his texture pack, assets, and answering my questions and feedback
⦁  Navo for being the best commentator and because he needs to start creating tracks again
⦁  Cody James for Helping me Create a Tree Asset Pack
⦁  TheFluffyGecko for FMX Ramps
⦁  AGITATO for Start Banner Base
⦁  Jesse Mulock for answering all of my questions
⦁  ParaMoto910 for His Campers
⦁  Brxghtside for the screenshots
Special Thanks to everyone that helped with testing this build till the end. Know it doesn’t get over looked and I appreciate all of you guys.
Also a Special Thanks to Twitch Goons Racing, EX Crew, Skyyy and Everyone else that tested and gave great feedback


Total downloads: 1640

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Mid Res Google Drive Link
Mid Res Mega Link

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